Gain Traction® in 60 days…

Your Proven Path to a Better Business

Four simple steps to help your team Gain Traction® in your business.

Gain Traction

Find Focus and Solve Issues on our First Day!

Clarify Vision

Get everyone Rowing in the same Direction.

Create Rhythm

Quarterly Execution to stay Disciplined and Accountable.

You Graduate

EOS is fully Implemented and I get out of your way!


EOS® is a proven management system and a complete set of simple and
practical tools to help entrepreneurs get what they want from their business.


People tell me that they love the passion and energy I bring to each and every session.

For me, it’s just evidence that I love what I do.

I’m not in the coaching or consulting business, I’m really in the transformation business.

Seeing entrepreneurial leaders find balance, confidence, and excitement is the reason I was put on this planet!

“Brian’s entrepreneurial experience, along with his wise sense of people and situations were very helpful to me. Many times as an owner in the trenches, it was hard to see the forest through the trees.”

Rich Speeney – MRI Flexible Packaging

“Brian’s counsel on dealing with a challenging employee situation was insightful, unexpected, and proved to be the exact response needed.”

Marty Wismer – George’s Tool Rental

Brian helped me develop key business strategies, which led to increased revenue.  More importantly, he helped me move my business to a higher level by uncovering certain limiting beliefs that I had formed.”

Bayard Williams – Keller Williams


Can EOS help you gain traction in your business?
A Case Study from Gino Wickman.

“I help entrepreneurs get everything you want from their business, so they can live their ideal lives.” ~ Brian White

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