The Story of the Entrepreneurial Operating System


EOS Worldwide is a growing organization of successful entrepreneurs from a variety of business backgrounds, collaborating to help other entrepreneurs succeed.  The company founder, Gino Wickman, started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 21 and soon thereafter became an owner in a family business, one of the nation’s top sales training companies.

When he took the business over, he stepped into the middle of a major turnaround.  Gino completely turned the business around in about three years, ran the business for a total of seven years, then successfully sold the business, stayed on for another year and a half to transition in the new leadership team, and retired from the company.  During that same period he was one of the original ten members of the Detroit Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and together, they built the chapter up to about 90 members.  Through that experience he found himself helping many of his EO brethren and really fell in love with the wonderful world of business and entrepreneurialism and discovered a passion and a knack for understanding the science of business.

So, after retiring from his family business, he created the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) and set out to help entrepreneurial leadership teams get what they want out of their businesses.  The power of EOS® is that it is real world, simple and practical. There’s no theory here or flavor of the month, no magic pills, just timeless, field tested tools that really work.