Out of Phase = Out of Focus

I hired a landscaper to do some work for me on a rental property we own. During the initial consult, he mentioned that he liked the chicken coop in our rear yard. I told him I had no need of it anymore and would be interested in trading it towards some landscaping work. “Let me check on what they go for” I said. “I’ll get back to you”. 


Two weeks later the tenant had moved in and the chicken coop was gone!


Not a warm welcome when your first night in a new place results in something missing the next morning. “Did someone steal the coop?” read the text message from the tenant. Of course I knew where it was. But how could he have misunderstood me so badly?


We were out of phase or at the least on two different pages.


I think we get out of phase in our communication and situational understanding when we get out of focus. In this particular story, why was he commenting on a used chicken coop instead of seeing opportunities to sell me additional services? I guess his focus on saving a few hundred bucks on a used coop was lost on the lifetime value of a $50/wk client. His concentration and future lack of communication was out of phase with ensuring that the tenant and I were satisfied. It was in fact, so out of phase that I have yet to get an invoice for any of the work he has done. At this point it’s probably close to $1,000 worth.


Is he just administratively challenged?


Maybe, but this imperfect leader has been similarly out of phase. In an effort to hit a monthly goal, I’ve shipped product to a less than stellar credit account. We never saw a dime. Out of phase because I lost focus on the real goal. I was worried about a KPI not the cash it would bring. Do you ever feel like people aren’t hearing you or that the rest of the organization is on another page? Is there a consistent lack of communication up and down the org chart? Check your focus. The imperfect insight is…

When I lose focus, I also lose my ability to sync with those around me, those whose energy I desperately need to achieve our goals.

The V/TO or Vision Traction Organizer from EOS is an excellent way of regaining focus and getting back in phase with your team. Take a moment and assess the prior month. Have you noticed being out of phase with your team? Ask them where they believe your focus has been placed and get back in sync together now. A leader out of phase is a leader no one wants to follow.